Involved in diversified aspects of business laws in Vietnam, we have assisted our clients in establishing their business presence in Vietnam and have been by their side during their operation. Continuously drawing on the teamwork, creativity, professional skills and experience of our staff, we commit to provide the best possible legal team and support to meet specific needs and to secure the objectives of our clients in every case.
So far, we have already provided our clients with a full range of legal services. Followings are some main areas of practice:
Establishment of enterprises and legal assistance
We provide our clients with the legal services of establishing enterprises (both local and foreign invested). During the operation thereof, we may give them our legal advice related to adjustment of their organization or any issues in order to benefit our clients at most.
Contractual matters
Our legal services related to Contract include reviewing, preparing, drafting and even assisting our clients in negotiating prior to entering into such contract.
Advice on legal issues
We provide our clients with legal advice as the best solution for their existing or latent trouble in all fields related to labour & emloyment, tax & finance, economic, commercial activities, administration, civil or criminal relations, etc.
Debt recovery
Debt recovery is one of our best legal services. We have already successfully assisted and represented various big enterprises operating in the field of construction, construction materials, etc. in recovering their overdue debt.
Product and Service Quality registration
Our outstanding service in this field is registering for circulation of cosmetics, pharmaceutical products and other like with Vietnamese competent authorities.
Litigation and dispute resolution
Our litigation and dispute resolution services cover a wide and complete range of civil and criminal litigation. We also gained clients’ confidence in representing them before the Court, Arbitration or any relevant authorities to settle dispute arisen from one of the following kinds of relationship:
-          Commercial dispute
-          Company and Shareholder dispute
-          Management Corporation dispute
-          Employment dispute
-          Property dispute
-          Tort
-          Divorce and Family matters
-          Criminal