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Nhãn hiệu

Giving advice in the field of using and commercial exploiting Intellectual property right
We research and advice issues related to purchasing and using IP objects (Trademark, Patent, Know – how and copyright), particularly, we assist clients in investigating their partners, the trust of their business and so on.
In the field of copyright, we advise Vietnam companies, group of authors on establishment of association and represent them in copyright transaction and protect their own right.
We also assist and advise authors, copyright owners on production and investment, co-production distribution and license.
Giving advice, negotiating and preparing Agreements related to Intellectual Property Objects
We also provide our clients with professional services in preparing, negotiating, reviewing and/or drafting franchising, assignment, licensing agreement, technology transfer agreement. Furthermore, we also assist our clients to proceed registration or approval on such agreements with Vietnamese competent authority in case such registration or approval is required by law.
Giving advice and assisting client in settling IP infringement and privacy as well as passing off
One of the main points of Tan Ha Law Firm is experience in finding and settling IP infringement, cooperating with competent authorities to settle piracy and passing off.
Appeal procedure, cancellation actions and enforcement of Industrial Property Rights and copyright, i.e. Litigation against infringement and counterfeiting